Our Cause

Magic Always Happens envisions a world where full services are available to all individuals on the autism spectrum. The goal of our organization is to raise international awareness of autism so that scholars, practitioners, professionals, families, and those on the autism spectrum can come together from around the world to collaborate and enhance autism research, education, therapy, and programs. Magic Always Happens strives toward continuous research to aide in the alleviation and gradual elimination of symptoms so that individuals living with autism can have an increased quality of life. Our hope is that these individuals can lead richer, more independent lives through family education and support programs.

Our organization aims to provide services to individuals of all backgrounds and we do not discriminate based upon age, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, disability, education, income, or position on the autism spectrum. As our name suggests, we strongly believe that a kind of magic happens when people of all backgrounds and luminary experts unite together in pursuit of a cause and based upon best practices, and that is exactly what we aspire to do through our numerous international events, conferences, research, and programs.

Magic Always Happens is concerned with best practices gleaned from evidence-based research and wants to put cutting-edge research into practice for families and individuals living with autism. Our motto is “action, not words” because we do not think it is enough to simply talk or write about autism, but instead believe that evidence-based research concerning autism must be used to enhance facilities, education, training, and programs that will provide quality support to families and individuals on the autism spectrum.