It is a great pleasure and an exceptional honor for me to welcome you to our 3rd Annual Cyprus International Conference on Autism Treatment and Research. Neurodiversity, Individuality, and Opportunities for Life: 360 Support, Best Practices, and Shared Synergies. This year, our scientific works are focusing on Neurodiversity, Individuality, and Opportunities for Life, via our known to all “360 Approach” that encapsulates support through best practices, and shared synergies.

 We, at Magic Always Happens, Inc., and Magic Always Happens Cyprus, are very proud of our hard pro-social work, and scientific contributions to date.  We continue our work internationally, fueled by our unrelenting wish to see our proposed Cyprus International Center for Autism Treatment, Diagnosis, Education, and Research, materialize in the first instance. As you may recall, with the support of our think tank comprised of leading world experts, we had presented our scientific study for the creation of the aforementioned International Center during our 2017 international conference. This year, we expect to be able to present solid work on the architectural end of the study, bringing us a step closer to the establishment of our proposed Center.

 Just like with our 2017 conference, we are happy to welcome a plethora of true luminary experts from around the globe. Experts who support our goals and are happy to share their work and research with us. Let us once again emphasize the transdisciplinary nature of our international conference supported by applied, scientific research conducted by leading experts establishing best practices around the world! We remain thankful to each and every one of our experts for their participation and active contribution to our global think tank. Among other essential issues to be discussed during our 2018 conference are issues pertinent to neurodiversity, individuality, best practices, and support of people on the Autism Spectrum, and their families. Once again, special attention will be given to the needs and nature of issues having to do with people on the spectrum who are 18+ years of age.

 This international conference integrates plenary sessions, hands-on workgroups and workshops, poster sessions, as well as in vivo group support to parents of people with autism. Our 1-day “meet and greet” luncheon with local parents, led by a Greek-speaking psychologist during our 2017 conference had allowed us to build upon that experience. This year, we are happy to offer a 3-day-long seminar with all interested local parents offering them a listening ear, support, guidance, and practical ways to cope with day-to-day issues. We will further enhance this seminar and in the months to come offer more assistance on the applied level to our people with autism, in Cyprus, and internationally. The contribution of our think tank to this, and other efforts, remains priceless.

 We look forward to be meeting with every one during our 2018 international conference, and as always we welcome your thoughts, contribution, and feedback. As a reminder, please note that Magic Always Happens, Inc., (an IRS tax exempt organization) and Magic Always Happens Cyprus are non-profit organizations, registered in their respective countries of origin (USA & Cyprus). We welcome strategic alliances, international collaboration, intercontinental research, publication, and all friends who wish to support our noble goals in our pursued of excellence. As emphasized during our 2017 conference, we remain particularly interested in collaboration promoting best practices, continuous research, and to the advance of applied solutions in order to help people of all ages on the spectrum, especially as it regards early intervention (0 – 3) and our 18+ population.

 As the Conference Chairperson and Scientific Committee Coordinator I welcome you, and I look forward to be meeting with you all during our conference and beyond.

Neophytos (Neo) Papaneophytou, PhD, LMHC, LPC, NCC, DCC

Conference Chairperson

Scientific Committee Coordinator