Parikiaki Newspaper – 10th April 2014

New book by Dr. Neo Papaneophytou: Magic Always Happens: My Daddy Loves Me!

Having a good and loving father or father figure in a child’s life is extremely important. Research suggests children who have a supportive parent do better both in terms of personal growth and development, as well as in terms of maintaining a balanced career later in life.

In ‘Magic Always Happens’,a single father and his son develop an inseparable bond just from living out their daily routine – from waking, making breakfast, walking to school, making dinner, to getting ready for bed. Hidden in those seemingly “mundane tasks” are the magical moments of their day and lives. Themes essential to good parenting such, as sharing quality time with one’s children, meaningmaking, dinner time, schooling, and family structure, “scaffolding” for life, and love in its ultimate form (agape) are well emphasized….