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Project Description

PASSIONS An International Photography Competition

Official Call for Entries Now Open!

The Details
Drawing from the wildly different interests that captivate us, our passions provide a view into not only how differently each of us can experience the world, but how uniquely we can all craft or change it for the better.
Submit a photograph of an individual or group in the moment of succeeding in that which they are most passionate about. Consider the possibilities and achievements that result from a passion: innovations, performances, discoveries, creations, experiences — anything that brings about positive change due to the inspiration and dedication of a passionate heart and mind.
The photo should demonstrate the social impact of the passion and illustrate its relevance beyond the immediate subject of the photo.
Photographs must be in .jpg format. Participation fee is $10 .  Please click the button below to make your payment. After payment is processed the e-mail address in where the photograph must be sent will appear.
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And then?

Selected photographs will be exhibited and awarded. Winning photographers will join us for an exhibit party at Unarthodox on September 14th, 2016 to discuss their entries, share ideas, and more! For more info about Unarthodox please click here . 

Show us!
Submit by August 18, 2016!
We are fortunate that our jurors include these wildly amazing people:

Danielle Burgess:

Danielle Burgess, a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, is an acclaimed television and film actor, poet and model based in New York City. Her ability to combine detailed focus simultaneously with undiluted emotion and empathy enable her to create freely, and she brings an unbridled and broad understanding of the self and the soul to this jury. 

Edie Sunday:

Edie Sunday is an internationally exhibiting fine art photographer currently residing in Austin, TX, USA. Her work centers on color, the female form, and the state between dreaming and waking. Edie studied Educational Psychology and Counseling PhD at the University of Texas at Austin.


Jamey Price:

Jamey Price is an award winning motorsport photojournalist, and former steeplechase horse racing jockey from Charlotte, North Carolina. His images have been published around the globe by many top magazines, publications, television and broadcast networks, as well as major news papers. Jamey’s experience with a varied range of motorsports, athletes, and teams brings a technological, fast-pased, and passion-driven perspective to our group of jurors.


Travis Emery Hackett:

Travis Emery Hackett is a New York City based documentary photographer. He received a BFA in Acting from Texas State University, and spent 3 years working in regional theaters around the country before moving to New York in 2013 to pursue photography full time. Travis’ published work can be seen through Triskelion Arts Center in Brooklyn, and in the Arts & Leisure section of SMTX Magazine. 


Ian M. Ellis:

Ian M. Ellis researches and practices architecture with Austin, TX-based firm Matt Fajkus Architecture where his work has been internationally published, exhibited and awarded. Ian focuses on the study and implementation of the psychological implications of landscape/architecture as well as the importance of the human experience in terms of phenomenology, function, and delight. He is inspired by photographs that result in the cinematic, the picturesque, the ideal or the surreal.