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Athens Authentic Marathon – Athens (Greece)

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Project Description

Team Magic successfully participated in the 8 November, 2015, Athens Classic Marathon. A huge Thank You to each of our runners who ran with our colors in order to increase awareness for People & Autism.

Marathon Team:

Kostas Patinios

Kostas Patinios was born in Nicosia in 1971, and developed a passion for his city through his love for running.

A marathon runner and a fervent enthusiast of lifelong fitness, he has been running since the age of 15 (for 29 years, that is).
To date, he has completed 140,000 kms – that is 3 ½ times around the world.
He is married and a father to two children.
He works at the Social Welfare Services as a social worker.
Kostas notes that he is aware of the fact that:
“All I am about to say, has already been said. But every time I hear the sound of my feelings, Like music coming from within, I will always tell you this.
I will, because sometimes the orchestration of one’s own feelings Is the one thing that makes the real difference.

Oratios Ierodiakonou

Oratios was born in Athienou, Cyprus and studied education (B.Ed.), sociology (B.A.) and anthropology (M.Sc).  Since 1997 he has worked for the Ministry of Education and Culture, Cyprus, as a primary school teacher in Cyprus and U.K.  In 2013 almost a year after a major operation he took part at a triathlon race that served as a starting point for participating in several athletic events, including several triathlons up to half ironman distance, road running races including three marathons, two half marathons and several 10km races and also trail running races up to 50 km.  In 8 November 2015 he will run the Athens Authentic Marathon 42.2 km with Magic Always Happens Team in order to raise awareness for children with autism.

Oscar Sosa

My name is Oscar Alfredo Sosa. I come from Argentina and the last five years I live in Cyprus.

My passion for running started when I was a student at the military school at the age of 19, with short distances.  With time the distances grew longer with 10, 21 and 42 km. Since 2007 I also started participating in mountain races.

In Argentina I ran four of 42 km, one of 80km and two of 100 km (in three stages).

In Cyprus I ran the Limassol marathon twice, the Paphos half marathon, the Walkdown marathon, 50km race in Troodos with Cyprus Trail Runners and others. I also run in Greece the  marathons of Olympus and Zagori.

I am looking forward running for first time the Classic Athens Marathon and support the noble cause of Magic Always Happens.

Petros Aristidou

This is Petros Aristidou a CPA, a CFE, a TEP, an FCPA and an MPA but not a marathoner… yet.

There is nothing more inspiring than running for a worthy cause.

A cause like Autism Awareness  and doing it with the united runners  of MAGIC ALWAYS HAPPENS. See you all at the finish line.


Pola Hadjipapa, Nicosia, Cyprus

My name is Pola Hadjipapa, born in Cyprus and live in Nicosia. Been running for about 25yrs. Started doing longer distances 6-7 years ago and ran my first marathon in 2012.

Since then I have completed 4 other marathons, 3 ultra races and many trail races on the mountains in Cyprus. I am a visual artist and these two passions in my life-running and painting-have naturally merged and influence each other, therefore most of my drawing/paintings come out of my running experiences…

I have named my fb page and website “artistontherun” where one can see examples of my visual work…

I am also a mother to two amazing talented university students, my daughter a dance/anthropology major at UCSB, and my son an entertainment design student at Gnomon school of Visual effects in LA.

This will be my first time running the Athens classic marathon and I am very excited to run it for such a worthy cause like Magic always happens.