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Our mission is to establish and expand local and national awareness and services regarding autism, focusing on increasing education, research, networking, collaboration, diagnosis, therapy, psychotherapy, and treatment and other assistance to people of all ages on the autism spectrum, including other people with special needs, disabilities, or other physical, or mental health disorders and/or diseases.

The path to enabling this vision includes:

The publication of educational, research, and promotional materials, including but not limited to books, fliers, journals, papers, and notes, both in a physical, as well as in electronic format, through the use of all known media and telecommunications, and by any other legal means, that will enable us to see our vision materialize and reach our goals.

Organize national and international events, conferences, summits, meetings/other, aiming at maximizing awareness, research, publication, assistance to all of the aforementioned groups of people, and others who may equally benefit from this caring work.

Investigate best practices for diagnosing, treating, and assisting people in the aforementioned groups and categories, and suggesting those to all interested parties, networks, researchers, and publics in its network, as well as share with others and enable the establishment of school centers for autism as that may be appropriate.

Most of the book sales proceeds are donated toward our charity work, while others are used for future publications.

Magic Always Happens, Inc. is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  It is eligible to receive contributions, deductible as charitable donations for federal income tax purposes.